Its an age old story

My sister always says, “people born in a good gene pool tend to spend more on beauty products as grow old.” I could never understand her sudden penchant for monthly manicure and pedicure. It was surprising for me since she is one person I know who didn’t even get a pre-bridal done before her wedding.

But when I stand on the gateway of late 30’s and I see my niece at a marriageable age and my nephew changing girlfriends like he changes shirts, I realise looking good was so much easier when age was on your side. I used to take a lot of pride on a GOD gifted figure, long, straight hair, clearest, no maintenance skin that I owned. Today I spend a fortune on personalised trained and gym yet the stubborn fat around my waist gives me sleepless nights. The once long straight silky hair falls in a tumble of waves just below my shoulders – a camouflaged hairstyle to hide the bald patch developing on my scalp. The once coveted “clean and clear” skin demands facials and de-tanning every month and I blame the rise of wrinkles on the 100 watt smile that I am ready to emit.

So age is directly proportional to the wealth spent on beauty and grooming products and facilities. Vanity runs in the blood of women. I guess we shouldn’t be gender biased. I see a lot of men, generally mid aged in the spa that I visit.

On second thoughts, good genetic pool has nothing to do with the need to look good. I am told Cleopatra spent hours in front of the mirror while I would dare Aishwarya Rai to be seen in public without a drop of makeup. I sure Snow white- the fairest of them all, used to stop by the mirror for a second to check herself out.

It is the need for people to hear “aapki twacha se aapki umar ka pata nahi chalta” that makes my wrinkled 90 old grandma swim in Ponds Dream talc before stepping out of the house. It is just an age old story.


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