On the journey to forgetting you

I have a picture of you painted on my heart
It captures you perfectly
The smile that is sunshine
The eyes that look through my soul
Every nick, cut and scar on your face
Has a story you have told me once

The picture in my heart
Shows me all the evenings
I spent in your arms

It brings back all the laughter we shared
And all the tears we cried
It brings your touch on my curves
And makes me feel your skin on my fingertips

And yet there are these days
When the clouds of desperation
Is dark and menacing

The air is thick and I can hardly breathe
When I miss you as I miss my next breathe

A dark smog engulfs me
Suffocates me
I need to walk on
I need to move on in life

I go back to my heart
Just to see your picture
See your smile that can disperse all clouds

How ever much I try I can’t
See those eyes that could
See through my soul

How ever much I try I can’t
Feel the touch, the hug
That gave me strength to carry on

I dive back, I search my soul
The cobwebs on my memory
Are hopelessly cleaned
With desperation I try
And yet the picture I can’t find

Through my struggle I realise
I’m finally on the journey to forgetting you.