I made a promise to myself
I looked at me ¬†and said, ” BE YOU”
That day on on I could smile more
I could walk with gay abandon
I could laugh my heart out
And people noticed a glow in me
Then came a day,
When people realized I was too merry.
The clouds of threat gathered around them.
They whispered
They commented
They talked amongst themselves
They stood me trial
They prosecuted me
They passed a judgement
They ripped me apart.
While I skipped around ignorant of what they said,
They pulled in everyone who loved me into the murky whirlpool of their opinions.
I was an untouchable for both friends and foes
People who claimed to love me refused to look at me in the eye.
By the time I realised the rolling of eyes behind my back
I had been stripped naked, paraded in public and shamed out of my life.

All because I dared to be me

And today as I sit in a corner
Cuddled up, drowning in my own tears
Punished for being happy

I still am in the hot pursuit of the promise – BE YOU