Silence in the room

while your eyes argue vehemently

Someone mute my thoughts

It is my heart that gets ripped apart


On Goodbye

On this journey across mountains and rivers

I have met many a friends

Some left a lasting memory

some forgotten on the way

The one thing I learnt is that forever is but a MYTH

Every meeting ensures a parting.

The day I met you, I knew I would lose you.

Alas, the thing about parting is – ┬áthere is never enough time to say GOODBYE!!



Have you seen SIN walk into the room
He smells of spice and desire.

He walks like the lion on the prowl
Greek God looking down from his pedestal

His eyes burst into laughter while his lips don’t curve
Passion dances in those dark pools

His fingers weave stories on my back on moonless lonely nights
While his breath strum a symphony from my hair spread on his chest

His lips whisper decadence as i lie satiated in his arms

Have you seen SIN walk into the room
He smells of spice and desire.

Futility of Life

We walked down the road hand in hand
Life was a poetry to be lived
We got talking about us – our dreams, our fears and our wishes.

The warmth of your palms melted years of resistance around my heart
When we believed the heat of love will never dim,
The blizzard of life hit us.

With renewed resolve we still held hands
We walked through the storm,
To the garden of spring on the other side.

The colours brought vibrance and pride that we made it.
I looked at you, expecting a happy reflection of me in your eyes.

You still held my hands albeit it was frozen.
The warmth in my heart failed to thaw it.
Your cold glance seared a tattoo through my skin

Somewhere on the journey called life
That we walked together
I lost you to the cold.