Broken and Mended

The moon on the horizon, stood lonely
Hesitant of its existence in the dark night

Just like her
She stood on the edge of the cliff
The cold wind seeping through her every pore.
The chill of the night froze her tears
As she stood alone
That night she wished for him
To hold her, to hide in his arms
Yet she stood alone
Her vibrant existence, black as the night

He found her on the cliff
Head hanging to her knees
Silent sobs causing a rhythm
Her proud shoulders totally broken, totally blue

He gathered her in his arms
Her beautiful self and all her shattered bits
He gave them form

His touch reminded her to breathe
She knew warmth was here
As she gasped to be whole again

The spiritless, thawing tears made her hit him
Scold him, scratch him.
She threw a tantrum to be broken when all she ever wanted was to be whole again

He held on as stubborn as ever
Never letting her fall
He kissed her frown
He hugged her sorrows
He unfroze her slowly

As the blue left her, she felt a rainbow begin in her heart
She was HER again – beautiful, dignified and proud

Like the moon which now lit the sky like a lone warrior smiling down at the stars

She knew she had risen
In his arms
She knew she had won